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8) Bots_Build_Bots_Build_Bots [DEMO]

from The Ilusen's Fallacy [DEMO] by Keegan Ostrowski

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This is Bots_Build_Bots_Build_Bots, a 23:23 minute long symphonic based off of the soundtrack of the Portal video game series, which is lyrically be about Portal, Portal 2, and The Rattmann Chronicle between. It is the final song in the album, the most sincere and in depth song, and has enough material to consist of its own EP.

The song is based off of many themes from Portal 2, such as Reconstructing Science, BotsBuildBots, and Halls of Science 4. It ranges from classical, to jazz, to electronic, to symphonic, to each black, death, and thrash metal respectively throughout the entire song.

The track consists of eight movements, has enough material to split up into 5 different songs, and 484 measures of nearly nonstop music, ending with a grandeur finale, summarizing the entire album.

If you'd like a brief understanding of the caliber of the entirety of The Ilusen's Fallacy, one listen to Bots will give you a quick understanding.

This song incorporates themes from Portal 2, and I do not claim ownership or originality on any of the themes besides how they are placed in my music.


- First Movement -
- The Confusion -

Waking up, amnesiac, from a cryogenic egg,
Dazed, as you step out, metal supports strapped to your legs.
Enclosed on all six faces by a strongheld glass chamber,
Enticed by a robotic voice, leading you to danger,
Emancipation grid after grid, trial after trial,
The only purpose, being science, almost seeming futile.
Projected audio frightens you, with haphazard words of dismay,
"You can have your daughter tested, at Bring Your Child To Work Day"

As the timer overhead runs down,
You're led through your only way out,
Being briefed with a strenuous mission, worried by your own admonition,
Provided a seemingly nonstop quest, you have one purpose, and that's to

Never getting a rest,
Being pressed on by obsession from false consciousness
Computerized, in charge, overbearing you,
Forcing you to

Incinerate your only friend, sending you to your Hell next.

- Second Movement -
- The Assault -

Climbing through a concrete jungle, out of her sight and detection,
Inching closer in the outskirts, leading yourself her direction,
Organic against digital, artificial mind processing,
Scanning, trying to find any corner you might be hiding in.
As you see the laboratory for it's legacy that had been
Flushed and destroyed, damning it all with her deadly neurotoxin.
A labyrinth of steel supports, helping you make your escape,
As you hear her cold evil voice, trying to make this place your grave.

Brought to a catwalk, ready to confront,
Before she gets to kill you, you destroy her sense of morality,

This is your fault.
Get ready for a fight.
This is the end.
Get ready to die.

Use her attacks against her, to strip her of her persona,
Throw her nature, into the fire, to make your firm approach.
As she overloads, you're blown out by explosion
Thank you for assuming the party escort position.

- Third Movement -
- The Rattmann -

How could this happen?
She almost escaped.
We were so close,
We almost made it.

But now she's back, they brought her back, they dragged her right back to her tube and led her right back to this trap,
Back to the first, a plot rehearsed, a story fruitioned and reimbursed,
Reorganized, a second time, a tale restarted brought to timeline,
She needs to wake, for her own sake, for her own fate, she must awake.

She needs my help.
I need my pills.
There's no way else.
I think it's time.
No other way.
I apologize,
But today's the day.

We wake her up. We put her first. We see her through, make sure it works, she, will,
Wake, open the box, first on the list, make sure, she, escapes.

- Fourth Movement -
- The Reawakening -

Woken up after years of being forced asleep.
Cognitive deterioration surges deep.
Introduced to some kind of vague new "face",
Assuming he's the only way to escape this place.

Brought back, to this cold environment,
Set to test, an escape with trialment,
Your new friend is set to help, as you travel deeper.
The old lab, has underwent hell and back,
The outside going through some kind of havoc,
You need to get out, to find out what has peaked.

You're going to make it, the odds are in your waiver,
You'll see daylight, the Gods are delivering your favor,
You and your friend will pull through, and reach that escape pod in time.

Your old foe, in hibernated comatose,
All led up and caused by her evil choice,
As she tried to deflect guilt to you, before she had died.

Here! Need to put it gear, keep your hands off any switch that you can't cohere.
Look for "Escape Pod", maybe it's above, if only I could…

Mistakenly flip every switch, rebooting the digital witch.

- Fifth Movement -
- The Reboot -


It's you.

You're landed right back to the start,
With aid of a moronic counterpart,
You can run as far as you wish
But you're still going to be forced to test

Until you know these rooms by heart,
Killing her tore her apart,
But it wasn't enough to keep her dead,
Because she effortlessly rebuilt herself.

With your's and that idiot's aid
She's back with a revengeful rage
Psychologically tormented
Your exit out's been prevented.

Fed lies to keep you unstable,
It's her this time, that turns the tables,
All your effort is nullified,
As you're repetitively, insanely tried.

Now that you're awake,
You cannot escape,

This is now your fate,
You cannot escape.

- Sixth Movement -
- The Reclaim -

This is now your chance, you can escape, a patterned advance,
Now that you're awake, you can escape, run this way.

We only have one chance, one plan to escape,
The only way to free ourselves is making a Reclaim.

We've got to make a stand by gaining the upper hand,
Replace the template with a defect, cut her toxin at the source,
As the past replays itself, confronting this machine from Hell,
You gain the courage to step forward and bring her to her fall,

With your help, as stalemate associate,
You replace the lesser evil idiot,
The switch is made, the corrupted core's withdrawn,
But replaced with something very much more foreign,

"I... AM NOT... A MORON"

- Seventh Movement -
- The Plunge -

The intercom's still playing, but this voice isn't scaring me it's enticing me with faint sounds of memory.
My mind starts to illustrate a figure in my head of someone nostalgically important to me.
This voice hits home in such unexplainable ways, I'm caught up in feelings of mystery.
But short glimpses of the father that I never knew somehow relay themselves back over to me.

- Eighth Movement -
- The Climb -

Ascending up, revengeful, with a diabolic aid,
Tasked to stop destruction, preventing core self decay,
As you make yourself draw closer, entirely unafraid
You're about to set things very right after how you'd been betrayed.
You've worked so hard for freedom, as it's constantly delayed,
But it's just about time you take control, you're no longer a slave,
He thinks his traps are smart, but they're nothing you can't evade,
As his brandish delight for testing you slowly starts to degrade.

You understand you have one choice,
Led to safety by that "robotic voice",
He's trying to make you into nothing, but not with your trouble,
This is your luck to take freedom back, these tests have their results.


from The Ilusen's Fallacy [DEMO], track released August 8, 2016
Guitars: Keegan Ostrowski
Bass: Linus Klausenitzer
Harsh vocals: Keegan Ostrowski
Clean female vocals: Sara Vanderheyden
Special FX: Keegan Ostrowski


all rights reserved



Ilusen's Fallacy San Diego, California

7-string progressive death metal, written by multi-instrumentalist Keegan Ostrowski located in San Diego.

Music composed, mixed, and mastered by Keegan Ostrowski.

7-string guitars recorded by Keegan Ostrowski

7-string fretless bass recorded by Linus Klausenitzer

Percussion and drums recorded by Marco Minnemann

Writing started 2013

88.88 minutes

Demo'd 8/8/16
Released 9/8/18
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